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With over 3000 educational performances under its belt, Brass 5 definitely knows how to reach young audiences! The ensemble develops and presents a new educational program each year for the K-12th grade levels. Utilizing the public school teaching experience of its members, Brass 5 relates the material to the specific grade level's curriculum in a fun format that has become the ensemble's educational signature. Plus, the programs can be utilized by the music teachers in the classroom.

Educational Track Record

Brass 5 is an ensemble in residence for Roanoke County (Virginia) Schools, and has performed educational programs throughout Virginia. Brass 5 has been included in the Virginia Commission for the Arts Arts-in-Education Residency Program, and continues to be the most successful ensemble presented by the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra through the RSO's Educational Outreach Program. Brass 5's commitment to the further advancement of young musicians led to the creation of the Brass 5 Brass Players Scholarship Award. Brass 5 has been nominated for the "Governor's Award for the Arts."

Brass 5 also offers a special Science of Sound Unit based on Virginia 5th grade Science SOLs.

In this 90 minute in-class program, two members of the Brass 5 team talk about and explore the elements and characteristics of sound and sound energy.

They'll present new vocabulary and concepts of the elements of sound, promoting a general understanding with practical applications. They will show first-hand how an oscilloscope and decibel meter work as they are not usually available to classrooms. They also use a variety of materials to demonstrate the properties of sound that they have discussed. They will also make an instrument from each of the four families of instruments to show how the physical properties of the materials work in conjunction with the basic characteristics of sound.

Some of the vocabulary and concepts covered are: energy, sound wave, amplitude, wave length, decibel, frequency and oscilloscope.

Book Science of Sound

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